Bill and Mary Braum purchased several farms in southeastern Oklahoma including Stonewall, Asher, Wanette and Byars.  Each of the farms played a unique role in the Braum operation, from growing feed for the dairy herd to raising each new generation of calves. In 1987, with the need for a larger processing plant evident, Braum’s construction crews built a 260,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art processing plant on the Braum Farm in Tuttle, Oklahoma. The original processing plant in Oklahoma City became the site for Braum’s Corporate Offices. In 1988, Bill Braum purchased the farm that lies on the border of Follett, Texas and Shattuck, Oklahoma. This farm is primarily used for growing alfalfa hay to feed the dairy herd. Over the years, this farm has grown to 24,000 acres, about 38 square miles.

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