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Help those affected by recent natural disasters.

To help with the recent natural disasters, we are partnering with the American Red Cross. If you are interested in donating to help the areas affected by the recent tornadoes or wildfires, please click below:

    You can choose where your donation goes by selecting from the dropdown options at the link.

    Dear Patron,

    Thank you for reaching out to Braum’s seeking a donation.  While Braum’s remains committed to contributions to local and area philanthropic cases, historically high costs and continued worsening of the economy have forced us to suspend corporate giving.  I’ve had to implement price increases faster and more often than ever in the history of the company and unfortunately these have still failed to offset the cost increases incurred by Braum’s since January 2021. 

    The “Book Buddy” program will remain Braum’s main charitable focus.  This is a program my mother started 40 years ago, which is a reading incentive program for the grade schools to help teach children to read. The Braum’s “Book Buddy” program is free to teachers and students and each year we double in enrollment.  

    The entire Braum’s family commends you for your commitment to your community and case, but unfortunately during these poor economic times since January 2021, we must respectfully decline your current request.


    Drew Braum