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We Know What’s in Our Milk

At Braum’s we know what’s in our milk and what’s not! We don’t inject our cows with hormones (like rBGH) to stimulate milk production, and we don’t add antibiotics to their feed. Braum’s A2 Fresh Milk is 100% natural and rBGH free.

Braum’s A2 Fresh Milk comes exclusively from our own private dairy herd of over 10,000 cows. We raise and milk our cows on our family farms in Tuttle and Shattuck, Oklahoma. We also grow the majority of the feed for the dairy herd – a 100% vegetarian diet including corn, soybean, and alfalfa.

Braum’s milk is now exclusively A2 fresh milk. Learn more about the A2 Difference.

Braum’s Unique
Vacuum Processing System

It is not only what’s in the milk that makes our milk better, it’s also in how we process Braum’s milk.

Our Mechanical Vapor Recompressor Processing System Makes Milk Better

We send our Fat Free and Low Fat Milk through a Mechanical Vapor Recompressor (MVR) Processing System. Braum’s MVR is a stainless steel giant standing four stories tall and weighing 160,000 pounds.

How does it work? The MVR removes a portion of the milk’s natural water. By removing this water, the milk is condensed and concentrated naturally raising the levels of nutrients. In one hour, 9,000 gallons of unconcentrated regular fat free milk goes through the MVR, producing just 6,000 gallons of Braum’s Concentrated Fat Free Milk. This allows us to provide you more value for your money.

Braum’s Milk Has up to 50% More Essential Nutrients

Braum’s A2 Fat Free Milk has up to 50 percent more calcium, protein, and other essential nutrients than grocery store brands. In fact, an 8 ounce serving of our A2 Fat Free Milk has more calcium than Ensure’s* “High Calcium” drink, and more protein than Ensure’s* “High Protein” drink. And, in both instances, Braum’s Fat Free Milk has less fat, lower sodium, fewer sugars, and fewer carbs than Ensure*.

How does Braum’s do it? We naturally fortify and condense the milk by removing part of the milk’s natural water during processing. This increases the milk’s nutrient levels dramatically – by up to 50%. This also affects the milk’s look and taste. Braum’s Fat Free Milk taste better than grocery store brands because they’re concentrated, so they’re actually richer and thicker. They even look more like whole milk, not the diluted product that one might think of when envisioning “skim” milk.

Naturally, it’s Braum’s!

At Braum’s, it takes three half gallons of unconcentrated regular fat-free milk to make two half gallons of Braum’s Concentrated Fat Free Milk. This means that through vacuum processing we remove one-half gallon of natural water.

We know of no other dairy company that fortifies their milk this way. That’s because this type of vacuum processing system cuts the milk volume by one-third, and is much harder and more expensive process.

So rather than taking the time, effort, and expense to naturally fortify their milk during processing, some dairy companies just add powdered milk, but most do nothing and just sell the diluted milk. No wonder fat free milk has gotten a bad reputation over the years!

Not at Braum’s! Milk is what we do, and we do it right.