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10 things you can’t make without butter

If you’ve been to our farm, you know that we’re not just an ice cream maker. We’re a real working dairy, and while we make some of the best ice cream and milk in the world, we don’t spend as much of our time talking about the other outstanding dairy products we make. Now is a great time to celebrate  dairy’s savory star – butter.

Here are 10 things you can’t make – and enjoy – without butter.

1. Popovers

Popovers, the fancier cousin to the humble pancake, are a buttery, eggy way to start the day.  These light and fluffy  treats are not only a delight because of their form, but also because their ingredients are so readily available – flour, eggs, salt and butter. While dedicated popover pans do exist, they can just as easily be made in a regular muffin tin. The key is whipping the eggs to a frothy lightness. Air bubbles are key to making the rolls “pop over” the sides of the tin.

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 2. Cookies

Sugar cookies, butter cookies, classic chocolate chip – cookie recipes always seem to start with “cream together butter and sugar”. These two ingredients are critical to making traditional (and delicious) cookies. Why do we cream the butter and sugar together? It helps incorporate the sugar evenly and the air that gets mixed in makes your cookies less dense.

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 3. Shrimp Scampi

Butter is one of the defining flavors of a good shrimp (or chicken!) scampi. Paired with garlic and lemon, the buttery shrimp is at once rich and light, savory and just a bit sweet. Easy to make, scampi is a quick meal that can be served over pasta or rice, or eaten on its own.

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4. Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls come with a double dose of butter – butter in the dough, and butter in the glaze. These sugary, cinnamon-y delights are a staple of southern breakfasts.Cinnamon roll recipes:

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5. Pie

Pie dough is simple on its face – combine four ingredients (flour, salt, water, and your choice of fat) and bake. Bakers disagree, though, on which fat is best for pie crusts. Lard, shortening, and oil all join butter on the short list of available fats. Butter, though, reigns supreme for flaky, flavorful crusts. Other fats can give you flaky, but none can deliver the flavor of butter.

The crust isn’t the only place butter shines though. Custard-based pies often include butter as a rich complement to their egg-heavy insides.

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6. Croissants

Like piecrusts, the secret to flaky, delicious croissants is incorporating layers of butter in the dough. This gives croissants both their signature flake and their buttery flavor.

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 7. Roux

Roux forms the basis of three of the classical “mother sauces” of French cooking, which is a fancy way of saying a lot of the sauces we like to eat get their start with this mix of flour and butter cooked together. In the Midwest, roux plays an important role in the making of cream gravy, perfect for pouring over biscuits or chicken fried steak (the state meal of Oklahoma).

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8. Hollandaise Sauce

Speaking of sauces, breakfasts across the country would be incomplete without the butter-laden Hollandaise sauce that makes Eggs Benedict what it is. Hollandaise is a mixture of egg yolks and butter, creamy and tart from the inclusion of lemon juice. It’s delicious on Eggs Benedict, but equally delightful on steamed vegetables. Sauce Béarnaise, a common sauce added to steaks, is derived from Hollandaise.

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9. Toffee

Toffee, butter toffee, butter crunch. By any name, this sweet treat is the perfect blend of savory butter and sweet sugar.

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10. Roasted chicken

Basting chicken with butter, or rubbing it with butter and herbs before roasting, yields a crispy skin full of flavor. Thoroughly drying the skin before adding the butter will help the chicken brown.

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It appears everything is better with butter, and great butter comes from great milk produced by cows with a clean diet. In short, great butter comes from Braum’s.  You can stop by your local Braum’s Fresh Market and grab a pound today to start making all these delicious, buttery treats.

Popovers courtesy normanack | CC BY

French Croissant courtesy Paul Rysz | CC BY