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An Affair of the Heart: Then and Now

Here at Braum’s, the importance of supporting local craftsmen and small businesses is something that couldn’t be closer to our hearts. That’s why partnering with An Affair of the Heart for their 2019 calendar is such a natural fit.

We work with dairy as our preferred art form, but An Affair of the Heart brings together artists, craftsmen and small retailers who use their personal craft, skill and style to share the things they love with you. If you’ve lived in or near Oklahoma and you appreciate one-of-a-kind design, unique finds and supporting boutique businesses then chances are this is already an annual event for you. If you’re not familiar with An Affair of the Heart, then we recommend you clear your calendar and start putting together a shopping list!

In 1985, a group of eight women came together to put on a one-day shopping event. This inaugural outing of An Affair of the Heart was held in Oklahoma City and featured 60 different vendors that saw 800 guests by the time it was over. It got a little bigger each year, and in 1995 the one-day event became a multi-day operation that expanded to Tulsa. 

Today, An Affair of the Heart is still run by the original partners, but now they are at the head of an operation that puts on six shows each year with a combined roster of about 1,500 different vendors. By the time the 2019 season is finished, over 50,000 visitors will have helped continue An Affair of the Heart’s goal of creating a unique shopping experience that has become an annual tradition for customers all over the Midwest.

We know you’re already planning your trip to An Affair of the Heart, and you’ve probably got a Braum’s run on your schedule for dinner or just to restock your ice cream supply, so we’ve got some very good news for you. 


If you stop by any Braum’s Fresh Market location, we’ll have information about An Affair of the Heart so you can be sure to get it on your calendar. You can also redeem your Braum’s Fresh Market receipt for a free ticket* to an upcoming An Affair of the Heart show. Keeping it local has always been a winning formula for Braum’s and An Affair of the Heart is just one more way that we can show how much that means to us.

Visit a Braum’s Fresh Market location in the show areas for more information, or go online to to get ready for the next big show.

*Receipts must be redeemed prior to the show. No receipts will be accepted at the show. Complete details available in stores or online at