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Braum’s Rolls Out A2 Fresh Milk Line

OKLAHOMA CITY – For over 50 years, Braum’s Dairy has been producing farm-fresh milk and dairy items sold in their stores. Now, the Braum family is taking it a step further by rolling out a new line of A2 fresh milk that may have added health benefits and is easier on digestion for some people.

Today, the Braum Family Farm is proud to be home to the largest A2 dairy herd in the United States. This new venture did not happen overnight. It has taken over 12 years to build the A2 herd. With an established A2 herd, Braum’s is now producing its own exclusive line of A2 fresh dairy milk and dairy products sold only at Braum’s stores.

What is A2 fresh milk you ask? And how does it have added health benefits for some?

What Makes A2 Fresh Milk Different:

Two major protein groups, casein and whey, are present in cow’s milk.  Casein makes up about 30 percent of the proteins in cow’s milk. There are two forms of casein: A1 and A2.

Cattle produce A1 or A2, depending on their genetic makeup. Milk from many of the common breeds of dairy cattle is a mixture of A1 and A2 proteins.

According to some preliminary research, each of these types of protein may have different effects on the body. Some studies have found, for instance, that A1 milk may cause more internal inflammation than A2 varieties.

Most regular milk comes from cows that produce both A1 and A2 proteins. Cows with only an A2 gene produce A2 milk, which may be easier on digestion and help some avoid discomfort.

Braum’s A2 fresh milk still has the same great taste that our customers have come to love over the years. It is also still loaded with calcium and protein thanks to the unique way that we process our milk using the mechanical vapor recompression evaporator to eliminate more water giving you richer, creamier milk. The difference now is that we have a dedicated A2 herd that is genetically tested for the A2 gene to ensure that you are only getting A2 milk with no A1.

Braum’s has two large dairy herds, one in Follett, TX and one in Tuttle, OK. Both herds are made up of just cows that produce only A2 fresh milk, which means that all of our dairy products are made with A2 fresh milk.

The A2 line consists of whole milk, reduced-fat (2%), fat-free, buttermilk and chocolate milk.

Also on the horizon, we will be releasing lactose-free reduced-fat (2%) A2 fresh milk.

About Braum’s

There are over 309 Braum’s stores in operation. All stores are located in a five-state area: Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas.

Braum’s features an old-fashioned ice cream fountain along with a grill area for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each store also has a Fresh Market area with more than 100 fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, and fresh-from-the-farm dairy products.

At Braum’s, we are committed to doing things better in every aspect of our operation. The Braum’s Dairy Farm in Tuttle, Oklahoma is one of the largest dairy operations in the world. Each day, we milk thousands of cows an hour, providing enough fresh raw milk for more than one million glasses! We are also the only major ice cream maker in the country to use milk from our own herd to make our ice cream. Because Braum’s milk comes from our private dairy herd, we know what’s in it. Braum’s dairy herd enjoys a 100% vegetarian diet grown right on our farm. No growth hormones or antibiotics are added.

Bill and Mary Braum opened their first Braum’s store in 1968. The company is still family-owned and operated.


  • For some, A2 fresh milk is easier to digest. It does not have the A1 protein found in it like most regular milk.
  • Braum’s has the largest herd of A2 dairy cows in the United States.
  • Cows are genetically tested to ensure they only have the A2 gene.
  • Same great Braum’s taste you love with more health benefits.
  • Braum’s A2 fresh milk is 100% dairy milk that is packed with protein & calcium.
  • The fresh raw milk is transported to the Braum’s processing plant on our dairy farm, where we make all our dairy products. It takes less than 36 hours from the time the cow is milked until it arrives at your neighborhood store.
  • Thanks to the unique way we process our Milk, it is better for you than other grocery store brands with our low-fat milk varieties containing up to 50% more calcium, protein, and other essential vitamins and nutrients. Using a Mechanical Vapor Recompression Evaporator, we remove part of the milk’s natural water. This fortifies the milk naturally. Because it’s concentrated, it also tastes richer and thicker.

** Please note that A2 fresh milk still contains lactose (milk sugar) and milk proteins. So while some people cannot handle regular milk they may be able to tolerate A2 fresh milk. Those with true lactose intolerance or milk allergy may not tolerate it any better than regular milk. Check with your healthcare provider.