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Easy weeknight dinners from the Braum’s Fresh Market

After fighting through rush hour traffic, no one wants to fight the grocery store madness, The Braum’s Fresh Market makes it easy to get the groceries you need to make a great meal for your family, without the hassle of an overcrowded grocery store aisle.

Here are three easy dinners you can enjoy on a busy weeknight from the great selection in our Fresh Market.

Pot roast

Nothing could be simpler than picking up an eye of round, an onion and some potatoes, piling it all in the slow cooker, and arriving home the next day to a fork-tender roast to rival Grandma’s. How do you master this meal? Brown your meat in a large skillet before putting it in the slow cooker, and don’t be afraid to amp up your spices. Cooking on low heat for many hours will deliver an unbeatably tender roast and a delicious jus.

Add some of Braum’s freshly baked dinner rolls and butter from the Braum’s dairy herd, and it’s the recipe for a winning dinner.

Mellisa Swigart at Mom Luck has a great recipe for tender pot roast.

Breakfast for dinner

You know that Braum’s sells top-quality dairy products, but did you know we also have fresh eggs, biscuits, bacon, and waffle makings?

It’s simple to dart into your nearest Fresh Market and come away with everything you need to make breakfast for dinner.

Looking for the ways to spice up your egg preparation? The American Egg Board offers an online cooking guide all about the ways you can make eggs. Pair one of the delicious preparations with a side of bacon, freshly-baked buttermilk biscuits or a Braum’s frozen waffle, and dinner is ready in a matter of minutes.

Grown up grilled cheese

As far as easy comfort foods go, not much beats the warmth of toasty bread paired with gooey melted cheese. As grown ups, though, we can step up our grilled cheese game, and make a hearty, filling meal on two slices of bread.

Start with slices of our oven roasted turkey or brown sugar ham, and gently brown them on both sides in a pan. Remove the meat, melt a pat of butter in the pan, and lay down a slice of one of Braum’s artisan-style breads. While it’s browning, layer on a slice of Meunster cheese and your choice of fresh tomato or avocado slices. Top it off with your meat, a slice of cheddar cheese, and another slice of bread. Layering your bread and cheese together will help keep the sandwich together.

When the bottom layer is sufficiently brown, carefully flip the whole stack over and brown the reverse side. Slice your sandwich in half, and you have all of the comfort of a classic grilled cheese, with flavor a grown up palette can enjoy.

We know weeknights are busy. These are easy meals you can make quickly, or have ready when you get home. For those extra-busy nights, though, we also offer a complete line of “Meals in Minutes” – entrées and side dishes in our freezer section that can be pulled out, warmed, and ready to go.