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Get Into Something Gold at Braum’s!

Oklahoma City, OK – What could possibly be better than a heaping mound of ice cream on a hot summer day? How about Braum’s rich vanilla ice cream made and topped with pure gold, sweet caramel, whipped cream and a cherry!

This is just one of the new options Braum’s is now offering made with Hershey’s Gold bar. Braum’s and The Hershey Company teamed up to bring you two new ice cream flavors, a sundae and a mix featuring the candy company’s first truly new candy bar in over two decades.

The recently introduced Hershey’s Gold bar is only the fourth bar flavor in the brand’s 117-year history. It is made up of a caramelized creme base, which includes salty peanuts and pretzel bits to give consumers a sweet, buttery smooth taste, topped off with a crunchy finish.

Braum’s created a vanilla and chocolate flavor that includes the sweet and salty candy as the star. Customers will also be able to get candy frozen yogurt mixes made with the Hershey’s Gold bar pieces. Then, there is the Hershey’s Gold sundae. It is a sweet treat that is sure to delight ice cream and candy lovers alike. It is made with Braum’s Vanilla Ice Cream with Hershey’s Gold, hot caramel, whipped cream, more Hershey’s Gold and a cherry on top!

“We are very excited to be one of the very few companies that Hershey’s chose to partner with and allow to use the new candy bar to create truly unique ice cream offerings,” said Drew Braum, President and CEO.

All of the Hershey’s Gold ice cream options are only available for a limited time at all Braum’s stores.

About Braum’s

Bill and Mary Braum opened their first Braum’s store in 1968. The company is still family owned and operated. There are 278 Braum’s stores in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas.