Grilling Season, Holidays & Football | Braum's

Grilling Season, Holidays & Football

It’s what some may call, the best time of the year!

As summer winds down, you will want to get as much grilling in as you can!

The weather’s still hot, football season is kicking off and it’s a holiday weekend, so it’s the perfect time to put your master grilling skills to work. However, if you’re hesitating to fire up the grill because you don’t want to spend an hour dealing with a grocery run, Braum’s Fresh Market is about to make your day.

You were already going to make a stop at Braum’s to keep your freezer stocked with dessert for the holiday weekend, so save yourself a trip and pick up everything you need for a fresh-off-the-grill dining experience. It’s no secret that we source all of our dairy products from our dairy herd in Tuttle, Oklahoma, but we like to use local meats, produce, and baked goods to supply our Braum’s Fresh Markets as well.

You can get burgers for grilling, buns, cheese, and all the condiments you need for a proper cookout. We also offer fresh produce so you only need to make one stop if you’re looking for the L and T in your BLT. Are you more of a barbequed chicken person? We’ve got fresh poultry ready to get basted in sauce. Do you have a strong opinion about hot dogs being a sandwich? Pick up a pack of Schwab’s dogs and continue the debate while you’re grilling hot links by the pool.

Is there anywhere else you can do all your dinner and dessert shopping just feet from your parking space? Let somebody else wander the floor of the big-box supermarket. You’ll be able to pop in, stock up, and spend more of your time enjoying the outdoors. We don’t have propane or pool toys, but we’ve got everything else you could need for the time-honored ritual of mixing fire and food.

Stop in at your nearest Braum’s Fresh Market and see how much nicer your summer meals can be with a little assist from your favorite burger and ice cream spot. Be sure to check out our weekly deals, too!