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The Anatomy of a Perfect Ice Cream Sundae

Going out with family and friends for ice cream is an American tradition. For more than a century, one of the sweetest treats you can enjoy has been an ice cream sundae.

It’s believed ice cream sundaes got their start in American drug stores and soda fountains, although there’s not a definitive answer as to where they originated. Several small towns claim to be the home of the first sundae, so the title is up for debate. President Theodore Roosevelt banned ice cream sodas on Sundays, so fountain owners got around the law by serving ice cream with syrup but without soda. Customers started to request the “Sunday” and it became a part of the menu. It’s been suggested that “sundae” became the spelling to not offend the Sabbath and because it was a treat available every day of the week.

While we may not know where the ice cream sundae originated, we do know for certain what makes up a perfect ice cream sundae.

The Braum’s Way

At Braum’s, the perfect sundae starts with a cake or brownie in the bottom of the bowl. It’s especially yummy if the cake, like our Molten Lava Cake, is warm.

On top of the cake or brownie, we add two scoops of our Premium Ice Cream. Did you know that you can swap out the ice cream in your sundae for any of our Old Fashioned Premium Ice Cream flavors? So if our Molten Lava Sundae is calling your name but you just have to have Premium Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, you can order a Molten Lava Sundae and simply substitute the ice cream! Also, the two scoops don’t have to be the same flavor. Try a new flavor like Premium Circus Cookie and pair it with your old favorite, Rocky Road.

After the ice cream, we add a sweet topping like hot fudge, caramel, marshmallow topping, or strawberry sauce.

To add a little crunch and texture to your sundae, we add nuts on the sweet topping.

Of course, no ice cream sundae is complete without whipped cream and a cherry on top.

We have four new sundaes that feature our latest ice cream flavor additions: Circus Animal Cookie Sundae, Cool Mint Cookie, Sea Salt Caramel Cashew Sundae, and Molten Lava Cake.

Because every sundae is made to order, you can request to leave off any of the toppings you may not enjoy. A perfect sundae is the one that’s perfect for you. And all of Braum’s sundaes are available with a single scoop of ice cream if you’d like a smaller sweet treat.

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