What Braum's Flavor Should You Pick Up For Your Valentine? | Braum's

What Braum’s Flavor Should You Pick Up For Your Valentine?

Flowers are fine and chocolates are sweet, but love is best expressed with a frozen treat. Show your significant other how much you care through a delicious scoop (or pint) of ice cream that matches their irresistible personality.

Strawberry For The Super Sweet Valentine

Is your valentine a total sweetheart? Lucky you! Show them how much you love their sweet disposition with a pint of appropriately Valentine’s Day-pink Premium Strawberry.

Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate For The Sophisticated Valentine

Does your valentine appreciate the more refined things in life? Nothing is more sophisticated than the rich flavors of Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate.

Rocky Road For The Thrill Seeking Valentine

If your valentine is an adventurous thrill seeker, they’ll love a scoop of Rocky Road. Love is a journey with a few bumps along the way, right? Show them you’ll be there through thick and thin (and marshmallows and almonds).

Bordeaux Cherry Amaretto for the Hopelessly Romantic Valentine

If you can’t give the hopeless romantic in your life a trip to Paris just yet, you can give them Bordeaux Cherry Amaretto. The dreamy flavors will match their even loftier daydreams.

Premium Birthday Cake for the Young-at-Heart Valentine

Whether your valentine is currently your high school sweetheart, or was 50 years ago, celebrate a love that makes you feel young at heart. Premium Birthday Cake is the perfect way!

When In Doubt, Just Pick Up Your Valentine’s Favorite Flavor

Ice cream is an underrated love language, so celebrate Valentine’s Day with Braum’s! Stop by the Fresh Market to pick up your significant other’s favorite Braum’s ice cream flavor or end date night by swinging into our drive-through!