Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate | Braum's
Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate

180 Calories

7 Fats

26 Carbs

5 Proteins

Our finest frozen yogurt meets authentic cappuccino to create an exciting frozen yogurt with a little kick. It’s the perfect subtle coffee flavor in smooth ice-cold yogurt with large chocolate chunks. Try our Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate Frozen Yogurt today!


  • Fresh Grade ‘A’ whole milk
  • chocolate chip (sugar, coconut oil, cocoa processed with alkali, butter oil, soy lecithin, natural flavor, milk
  • sugar
  • cappuccino base (water, sugar, coffee, high fructose corn syrup, cocoa processed with alkali, natural flavors, malic acid, pectin, sorbic acid, cinnamon)
  • cultured nonfat milk
  • corn syrup
  • stabilizer blend (mono and diglycerides, guar gum, xanthan gum, cellulose gum, carrageenan)
  • cream