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Braum’s Grand Opening Giveaway in Edmond

Three Lucky Winners Awarded Prizes

EDMOND, OK—It was a big week for customers of the new Braum’s store at 2624 Market Street in Edmond.

The new store on Market Street hosted a Grand Opening celebration from Monday, February 5th through Sunday, February 11th. During the week, scratch to win cards were given out for a chance to win a FREE HD TV, gaming console, laptop computer, as well as free Braum’s food and merchandise.

Three customers were quite surprised when they found that their scratch to win card revealed some big prizes!

The winner of the 50″ 4K HD TV was Burke Beasley. He won during his first visit ever to a Braum’s! He was able to accept it with the help of a friend.

“I just moved here from South Texas, and we decided to stop at the new store to try it out,” Beasley said. “When I scratched it and saw that I won a TV, I could not believe it. My friend, Robert Secrets, had to sign to receive the prize since I am not 18, but he is still gifting it to me. It was definitely a memorable first visit to Braum’s!”

The winner of the Lenovo laptop was Renee’ Bernard. She is a regular Braum’s customer.

“This was a terrific surprise,” Bernard said. “My kids will probably be the ones that get the most use of this prize.”

The winner of the Playstation 4 was Rebecca Everett. She is also a long time Braum’s customer.

“I never expected to win one of the big prizes, but it was a very welcomed surprise!” Everett said.

The new location brings the total Braum’s stores in operation to 277. All stores are located in a five-state area: Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas.

Braum’s features an old-fashioned ice cream fountain along with a grill area for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This new store also has a large Fresh Market area with more than 100 fresh meats, fruits, vegetables and fresh-from-the-farm dairy products.

About Braum’s

Bill and Mary Braum opened their first Braum’s store in 1968. The company is still family owned and operated. In Oklahoma alone, there are 127 stores. For more information about Braum’s, go to