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Braum’s Named Made in Oklahoma Coalition’s August Restaurant of the Month

We are proud to be named the Made in Oklahoma Coalition’s August Restaurant of the Month. The MIO’s monthly spotlight features Oklahoma restaurants dedicated to providing quality, local goods. Throughout August, the organization featured facts about our commitment to providing Oklahoma products on its Facebook page.

From fresh dairy products and bakery goods to the quality beef used in our burgers, we are no stranger to providing hungry Oklahomans delicious, locally produced food.

“Freshness has always been important to Braum’s. Each Braum’s store receives a delivery every other day,” says Terry Holden, the marketing and advertising director for Braum’s.

The Braum Family Farm in Tuttle, Oklahoma, is home to the restaurant’s product creation. The Braum’s Processing Plant and Bakery are on the farm as well. It’s here where we create your favorite Braum’s treats fresh every day.

Our farm allows us to bring customers better-tasting goods by eliminating the need to transport vast amounts of ingredients across great distances. Our trucks leave from and return to the farm on the same day, delivering fresh products to each Braum’s store.

Being based in Oklahoma has more than a few benefits. Oklahoma’s centralized location allows for fresh daily deliveries to not only store locations in state but also to stores in Texas, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas.

While geographic location is an advantage, being an Oklahoma business and producer means much more. With its farm-friendly climate and driven, hardworking community of employees, Oklahoma easily allows for the production of quality products.

“Considerations such as climate, productive workforces, and good transportation systems are benefits that play an important role in our production locations,” Holden says.

Next time you bite into a Braum’s burger or pick up a pint of ice cream, remember it was made just down the road.

Learn more about the Braum’s farm and schedule a tour of the Braum’s Processing Plant and Bakery.

About MIO

The Made in Oklahoma Coalition aims to promote brand awareness and consumer loyalty for food and agricultural products local to Oklahoma. Founded in 2000, MIO brings attention to the economic benefits of supporting Oklahoma food manufacturers through the purchasing of their local products and produce.