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Benefits of Braum’s Hormone-Free Greek Yogurt

Braum's Greek Yogurt at the Fresh Market

Are you going Greek? Greek yogurt, that is.

This healthier alternative to traditional yogurt is deliciously tart and tangy. With less sugar and more protein than regular yogurt, it’s a great tasting snack or meal option that’s good for you too!

Braum’s introduces its take on Greek yogurt–available at the Fresh Market and as a fry alternative on Braum’s meal combos.

What is Greek Yogurt?

What makes yogurt Greek? It’s all in the process. Essentially, Greek yogurt is strained yogurt. Regular yogurt and Greek yogurt start out the same–milk is heated to an ideal temperature for fermentation. Bacterial cultures are then added to the milk and the mixture ferments.

During fermentation, bacteria grows and produces lactic acids. This causes the milk to gel, making yogurt. If making Greek yogurt, this mixture is strained to remove liquid whey and lactose. This creates the thick texture.

Beyond texture, Greek yogurt differs from regular yogurt in protein, fat, and carbs. Greek yogurt has nearly twice the amount of protein found in regular yogurt and about half the amount of carbs. Full-fat versions of Greek yogurt are higher in saturated fats compared to regular yogurt.

Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt

As we mentioned, Greek yogurt packs a ton of protein, roughly 12 to 15 grams per recommended serving. This means it will leave you feeling fuller longer than an empty carb-heavy snack. That wallop of protein can help support the strengthening of bones and muscle. All that protein makes it a great pre- and post-workout snack.

Not to be outshined by impressive protein, the probiotics naturally found in Greek yogurt can help support your immune system and aid digestion. The probiotics are the “good bacteria” needed by your body’s digestive system to function properly.

Calcium is another nutrient sufficiently found in Greek yogurt. Nearly 20 percent of your daily recommended value of calcium is in one serving of Greek yogurt. Calcium is needed to help build muscles and support organ function. Calcium is especially important for growing youngsters–since Greek yogurt is easy to sneak into other foods, like fruit smoothies, it’s easy to make sure kids get the calcium they need.

Vitamin B-12 and potassium are also found in Greek yogurt. Potassium can help lower blood pressure and even prevent cramps. B-12 supports brain and DNA functions and is typically found in animal products like meat and fish, but vegetarians can use Greek yogurt as a meatless B-12 source. Over 20 percent of the recommended daily value of B-12 is found in one serving of Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt is also more acidic than regular yogurt, meaning its nutrients are easier for your body to absorb. Because of its texture and tart flavor, Greek yogurt is a healthy ingredient swap for sour cream and mayonnaise. A healthy swap can help incorporate more vital nutrients into your diet. Try it over a baked sweet potato or top your favorite chili recipe with a spoonful! Blend it into your morning smoothies or have a bowl of Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, nuts, and seeds for a healthy breakfast.

Braum's Greek Yogurt Containers Stacked on a shelf.Braum’s High-Quality, Hormone-Free Dairy

Braum’s milk and dairy products are 100 percent rBGH-free. That’s right –no growth hormones or antibiotics. The milk we sell and use to create our dairy products comes from our private dairy herd of cows who are fed alfalfa, cottonseed, barley, and other wholesome grains.

Customize Your Braum’s Combo with Greek Yogurt

Your Braum’s meal is customizable. If you’re watching carbs, swapping fries for a protein-packed Greek yogurt is a great option. If you’re a morning person, swap out your hash browns for Greek yogurt on your breakfast burrito combo. The high protein breakfast will leave you satisfied all morning!

If you don’t want substitutions on your next Braum’s meal combo, stop by the Fresh Market to pick up Braum’s Greek yogurt for healthy breakfast on the go!