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Epic Friendsgiving Recipes That Will Make You Extra Grateful for Braum’s

Most people aren’t too picky about the menu for St. Patrick’s Day or 4th of July, but when the end of the year rolls around, everyone’s got a dish or two that they’re really looking forward to seeing on the menu. The beauty of Friendsgiving is its informal, free-form attitude toward the holidays that embraces the thankful vibes of Thanksgiving without shackling you to a schedule or format that can make the holiday into a chore to be performed instead of a moment to be enjoyed. 

Now that you’re not bound to the classic menu, let’s try a few new dishes that manage to push some boundaries while still recognizing old-school holiday flavors. These have been winners for us because they manage to keep up the traditional flavors and ingredients that you expect to see on a holiday table, but each recipe takes a bit of left turn that makes them fresh interpretations on classic ideas.

Let’s start where any good holiday should start, with breakfast. When people start to wander around the kitchen in their jammies, treat them to a stack of Egg Nog Pancakes. This simple recipe just swaps out regular milk for Braum’s Egg Nog, and the results will make you wonder why you don’t cook with egg nog all year long. If your flavors trend towards the more savory or spicy end of the breakfast spectrum, our Kickin’ Breakfast Bagels combines the zip of jalapenos, the crunch of bacon, and the creamy texture of cream cheese for a full-bodied breakfast with southwest charm.

Around the holidays, lunch is always sort of a come-and-go affair where we just snack on leftovers or maybe just have another slice of pie. Even with this carefree attitude toward your noonday meal, you’re going to get hungry around dinnertime, and that’s when it’s time to get serious. For an entrée that will make people gather around the table, Air Fryer Pork Chops have to be tasted to be believed. If you’re not cooking with an air fryer then you’re still cooking back in the 20th century. This easy-to-use appliance gives you the taste and texture of fried foods, but it uses air instead of oil. This recipe is surprisingly simple, but it delivers a center-plate dish that will make your guests think you spent hours in the kitchen. 

For the perfect side dish, our Stuffed Sweet Potatoes tick all the boxes. Stuffed with all the best flavors of the holidays, these delicious side dishes could easily be the main entrée all by themselves. If you don’t feel like having them for one of the prime holiday meals, they’re also a great way to incorporate your holiday leftovers. However you enjoy them, just make sure to prepare a few extra, because they always seem to go faster than you think.

A holiday without something sweet is barely even a holiday at all, but you remember who you’re talking to, right? At Braum’s, we have a healthy appreciation for all things dessert, but when you’re ready to take your last course to the next level, you can’t go wrong with our Mini Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cheesecakes. The preparation for these little guys is pretty simple, but the cooking and freezing process takes a bit of time, so make sure that you get started early. Each one of these bites has cookies, ice cream, pumpkin bread, and just about everything that you’d want from a holiday dessert. You can also get all the necessary ingredients at any Braum’s FRESH Market, so you won’t need to make a bunch of stops.

The holidays are upon us, but just remember that it’s time to enjoy the company of friends and family, so don’t get bogged down in obligation. On your way to or from your next holiday party, stop by a Braum’s location and let us help you stock up for your next party or get ready for a quiet evening watching old Christmas specials on the couch.